Are you an individual or a company wanting to create a personalised line? Magma can make your dreams, desires and vision a reality!

Why customize?

Customization is an important factor from main points of view: it adds value to you, your business or your activities, it’s necessary for building loyalty in business and it fosters an essential sense of belonging both for business clients and for the team. Not to mention it makes you stand out from the crowd and, if you have a business, it can boost earning potential if you want to sell your own products. However, the most important thing is: customizing makes the product yours. With Magma’s dedicated consultancy, you can achieve the unimaginable in a few clicks!



Magma offers an initial free consultation to identify exactly what you want to create!


A. Graphic design creation or rework of your logo to give it a fresh feel!
B. B. Production of your own customised range!

OUR 4-STEP production Formula

In-depth study of the client and the operational and competitive context in order to identify various tailor-made proposals.


Development of graphic proposals based on the analysis of keywords provided by the client.


Sample presentation of possible outcomes using graphics chosen by the client.


Production of chosen products.


Magma is an evolving company that aims, also for its own collection, to customise any type of product innovatively to surprise its customers.
How? The creative mind of the brand art director, Loredana Raciti, works closely with our graphic designer to deliver original products that make an impact.

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