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The RAGAZZA LUMACA BAG owes its name to the artwork designed by the painter Loredana Raciti which is printed on the front. The choice of ecological materials, sourced entirely in Italy, is based on the ethical motivation to respect the planet. The handbag hand-stitched and finished by hand, embellished with stones embroidered on the sides and an Alcantara interior. Every detail has been thought out to perfection, to make it lightweight and precious at the same time. RAGAZZA LUMACA is a unique piece.

  • Eco-leather
  • PVC stones in the side strips
  • Alcantara interior
  • Four flat inside pockets
  • Protective metal feet on the bottom
  • Eco-leather handlesù
  • Handbag, shoulder strap available on request
  • Snap button closure
  • Size: W 35 cm x H 32 cm x D 10 cm
  • Limited Edition
  • Made in Italy

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Additional information

Additional information


Emotion Bags


Faux leather – Microfiber


L 35 x H 32 x P 10 cm

La Storia

La Storia

“Each girl represents the four phases of the seasons of the female world, all beautiful and perfect in themselves. They are devoid of chronological age; rather, they are phases and periods of experience and awareness, learning and experimentation. In an ethereal sense they represent a profound search for the authentic self that should be connected to all four stages of life, like the cadence of a dance marked by years and moments. However, that does not affect the evolution of one’s “self”, on the contrary, it completes it by cadencing it in the seasons of living one’s femininity. Where temporal space and natural bodily decadence is necessary, the perception of one’s “self” remains eternally young and fluid. A poetry of living without time and matter”. (L. Raciti)



EMOTION: Representing the fourth phase of path of a woman, the Snail Girl encloses all the other phases. She knows the inner and outer “self”. Each of her experiences has been transformed into light, it is the time of knowledge, of awareness. It is not by chance that her eyes are fluid, soft and tamed by the oblivion she has already seen and known. It is not by chance that she appears in the form of a snail; her home is always with her and she is complete. Her antennae emit signals of wisdom and harmony. She finally comprehends the inimitable beauty and the importance of slowness over rash behaviour. Nothing can eradicate what she has become: a perfect sphere.