Magma is an Italian company founded in 2015.

The story of Magma has one common thread: the passion for art and the desire to make it accessible every day through the concept “ART LIVES WITH YOU” .

Founder of Magma, has always lived and breathed art as the son of artist and brand art director, Loredana Raciti. Organically, the idea for Magma sprang to life. From observation, imagination, creative mind of its owner who wanted to transport art that adorns the walls of the home in a different way, in a new way: applying art to iron objects he had before his eyes every day, creating the concept of applied and functional art!

Magma was therefore born as an artisan furniture company selling unique tables, chairs and iron stools. The works of other internationally renowned artists, who had relished the opportunity of being part of a unique company of its kind in the world, contributed to the collection.

Imagine what it must have been like to dine on a work of art, to make it live and make it an integral part of your daily habits…ART LIVES WITH YOU concept had become reality!

Perhaps it seems a crazy idea that someone would try to start their own structured company from scratch and create their own 100% made and handcrafted in Italy production chain.

In spite of the complexities, the passion, energy and clear mission meant that Magma was the only company to participate in important exhibitions, as an artist would, bringing not paintings but furniture pieces as work to be exhibited in its own right. The Triennial of Verona, the MACRO in Rome, the Castel dell’Ovo in Naples, the L.u.c.c.a Museum and the Fuorisalone of Milan are some of the many places in which Magma, and indeed Tommaso, have made the artworks come to life.

All these results, reached in a short time, required the dedication of a team that could deal with specific tasks essential for a company wanting to truly evidence its essence and uniqueness.

In 2018, Magma transformed, starting with a rebranding experiment that would bring art further into everyday life. By reshaping the idea of ‘Art lives with you’, wearable art was formed.

A new production chain, new ideas and, above all, a team that strongly believes in the concept. Fall in love with Magma and the idea of wearing a painting on a necklace or t-shirt.
Fall in love with Magma and the idea of wearing a painting on a necklace or t-shirt.

Magma is driven by passions, which is the reason behind the choice to create a sports line and the “Magma for you” personalisation section for individuals and companies.

Magma, a volcano of ideas, brings art into your life!