Loredana Raciti

Loredana Raciti was born in Khartoum, Sudan to a Montenegrin mother and an Italian father. After completing artistic studies at the Academy of Fashion and Costume in Rome, she began working as a stylist. She entered the art world with the movement Metropolism.

Drawn to Emotion Painting, her career path evolves in a multifaceted direction. Her research is always active and unconventional. A Nomadism open to cultures along the East-West axis, a sediment of expressive potentiality.

The investigation of her multiform work is directed at a monothematic thought. Her signature traits which are informal and conceptual, abstract and symbolic, often dreamlike surrealist, access multiple creative interactions. It is no coincidence that her work reflects a refined irony that leads to an implied dialogue between dream and reality, questioning the mysteries of the human condition always split between spirit and matter. This vision of a state of Transavance, multi-faceted by many fragments of her feeling and living art, is like a primary reminder of the colours of the soul of living creatures interacting with their spiritual and physical evolution